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The dry-ice blasting is rapidly emerging as an effective, non-abrasive, and chemical-free cleaning solution. This eco-friendly process offers comprehensive solution for a removal of grease, oil, contaminants, coatings, and other foreign matters. Consequently, both visible and hard to reach surfaces can be attended to with detail.

ICEBLASTER offers you professional dry ice blasting hire in Melbourne, Australia without compromising the integrity of the surface on which it is being carried out. This environmentally responsible process contains no chemicals or abrasive media and produces no heat whilst dispersing the contaminants off the surface. As such, there are numerous applications dry ice cleaning is suitable for – boat barnacles’ removal, commercial kitchens (i.e., canopies and extractors), die-casting machines, cars and/or components, graffiti removal, steel and timber structures, electrical components. All of these have the great cost benefits, too: http://(https://www.aegenviro.com/blog/4-benefits-dry-ice-blasting-industrial-environment/)

ICEBLASTER is a leading company that provides economical, efficient, and environmentally responsible cleaning solutions – both on-site or as a mobile service throughout Victoria.

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